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How to Raise Seed Funding Guide

Russ Wilcox
Partner @ Pillar

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Funding Resources


Reduce the effort required to run the fundraising process by investing heavily in researching your targets well before you’re ready to raise. Read this article to learn how to create the perfect investor list.


If your company is ready to raise a Seed round, then this may be your first time approaching VCs. Read this article to learn when and how to reach out to VCs.


Preparing for your first pitch meeting? Here are a few questions you will get often, and how best to answer.


You’re pitching, but are they buying? What’s going on in the mind of that VC? The VC’s decision to invest comes down to four elements.


Closing a venture deal during 2020 is like writing a pop song that hits No. 1 on the charts. It takes tremendous work and skill to achieve, not just luck.


Beyond the price and amount of investment, it is likely to have come with a long list of terms and conditions.


Hear it from founders who have been there and done that.

Templates & Tools

Keep track of your top priorities during your first 90 days.

Build a list of prospective investors that may be a good fit for your Seed Round.

We developed a pitch deck template to help you tell your story.

We developed the term-sheet grader, a simple way to determine whether a term sheet is founder-aligned.

March 10th, 2021

How to raise seed funding panel

5-6pm EST — Held via Zoom

Join Pillar VC for a live panel event with experienced founders and fundraisers. We’ll cover fundraising strategies, storytelling, relationship building, and more. Come prepared to ask questions!

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