Favorite Books

1. The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni

This book was hugely influential in how we approached operating our business and working together when I was a member of the management team at Pluralsight. Lencioni has a knack for cutting to the core of how to create healthy, high-functioning teams.

2. 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni

I first read this book when the management team at our startup was knee-deep in dysfunction. It felt like looking in the mirror; suddenly we had language to name the behaviors that had driven us to that point and move forward on a healthier path. It’s never too early to read this book or to start investing in creating a healthy team dynamic. 

3. Made in America, Sam Walton & John Huey

While Walmart may be a controversial company, Sam Walton’s story of building the business from a small town variety store into a global retail giant is a truly inspiring entrepreneurial tale of grit and drive.

4. The Alliance, Reid Hoffman

I’ve always struggled with balancing the often familial nature of early-stage startups with the reality that sometimes a company may outgrow an individual. The concept of committing to an employer-employee “tour of duty” resonated with me as a way to create alignment and invest in the growth of team members while acknowledging inevitable change over time. 

5. City of Thieves, David Benioff

True story – studies have shown that reading fiction makes you smarter. This was one of my favorite fiction reads last year, a story about war, hardship, survival and the power friendship.