Favorite Books

1. Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek

A book about culture and leadership – though the piece I found most interesting was our body chemistry (endorphins, serotonin, etc) and how humans have evolved toward certain behaviors triggered by, or to trigger the release of these substances.

2. Talking to Strangers, Malcolm Gladwell

Reveals how our inherent bias can impact whether we are inclined to trust someone or not.

3. Caffeine, Michael Pollan

A fun quick read describing how a vast number of the people on the planet are living in an altered state, every day.

4. The Science of Energy, Michael E. Wysession

This is a very long but fascinating series about energy – both sources and uses.  A real eye opener for anyone interested in the sustainability of our economy and our planet.

5. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Lori Gottlieb

As I’ve been considering bringing on a coach, this was a helpful view into the life of a therapist as practitioner and client.