Not all compensation benchmarking tools are created equal. When you’re looking at data, ensure that the market or role you’re reviewing has enough data points for a valid benchmark.

Some of the companies below include both compensation planning tools and data, while others are primarily focused on one or the other. The majority of these websites are free to use as long as you contribute your own company’s dataset. 

Compensation Data

  • Pave – Compensation tools that are updated in real-time to provide up-to-date compensation benchmarking. 
  • Option Impact – Option Impact publishes the Venture Capital Executive Compensation Survey (VCECS), a tool that allows users to search for cash and equity benchmarks for executive roles from 27,000+ data points.
  • Levels – lets you compare career levels and compensation packages across different companies from employee-uploaded data.
  • Radford – A more expensive option typically used by later-stage companies, Radford provides access to one of the most comprehensive datasets available. 
  • PayScale – PayScale helps employers and employees have data-informed conversations around pay, leading to equity, engagement & employee retention
  • Aeqium –– A relatively new company that provides comprehensive tooling for compensation planning.