You are not too early for VC

We hear it quite frequently. “We’ve been told we’re not ready for VC yet.”

There are a lot of people out there who advise young founders to stay away from the VCs. VCs will just waste your time. They are too risk averse, not imaginative enough. Raise money from angels first. Get some traction. Then you can go to the VCs later once something is proven.

But here’s the truth: there is no such thing as being too early for early stage VC firms. If you are a compelling person, are aiming at a big market with a unique idea, you can raise money. Even with just a powerpoint deck. Here are nine recent examples from just the Pillar portfolio.

Did they give away the store by raising money from a “firm” rather than individuals? Hardly. In fact, it typically resulted in more capital for the same dilution and therefore more runway to make progress before a larger Seed or Series A. Beyond capital, a VC firm can help a company accelerate growth — through introductions, market insight and increased credibility.

We aren’t the only ones willing to invest *very* early — other Boston firms including

Founder Collective, NextView Ventures, Boston Seed, Launch Capital, Flybridge, Underscore VC and Accomplice each have a history of doing the same, and each has their own approach to helping you succeed in building your company.

VC may not be for everyone, but if you think you have a high potential idea, VC is often the fastest path to a breakout success. Interested in more, read here.

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