Designer + Developer

Katie Okolita

Katie Okolita is a seasoned front-end designer and developer with over a decade of experience working with small businesses, nonprofits, and start-ups.

Katie joined Pillar after spending nearly 15 years working as a freelancer, co-founder, and founder of numerous web studios. Prior to starting her own business in 2013, Katie contracted with a diverse set of design firms across Boston, New York, Providence, Phoenix, and Portland, Maine, working with clients such as the United Nations, Hilton Hotels, CVS, Hannafords, and WEX.

Before joining Pillar full-time, Katie worked with the platform team as a vendor to develop numerous properties across our ecosystem, including the Founder Playlist, Frequency, and the Term Sheet Grader. In 2021, Katie joined the Pillar team full-time with the goal of expanding, refining, and managing all properties across our digital ecosystem.

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