Pillar VC Announces Thomas de Vlaam as Principal

Thomas de Vlaam in the Pillar VC office.

We are thrilled to announce that Thomas de Vlaam has joined Pillar VC as a Principal.

As a past biotech CEO, Thomas completely understands and empathizes with the founder journey. He exemplifies three core values we celebrate at Pillar: Win Together, Operate with Heart, and Evolve Continuously.

Thomas is smart, friendly, trustworthy, and curious – an investor who can both understand deep science and help founders build a practical plan for commercialization.

Thomas grew up in Holland and studied medicine at the University of Groningen. After three years in biotech working on RNA therapies for rare diseases at ProQR Therapeutics, he launched his own spinout company Amylon Therapeutics to pursue applications in rare disease and CNS. This brought him to Boston and later to an Associate role in Flagship and an introduction to the world of venture capital.

At Pillar, he will be making seed-stage investments related to new companies in therapeutics, cell and gene therapy, genetics, rare disease, and medicine. He has particular interests in neurology, cancer, and immunology.

Please feel free to reach out directly to Thomas at thomas@pillar.vc to discuss biotech startups or to share your business ideas. And be sure to follow him on Twitter at @titanioustom.

Welcome, Thomas!

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