Head of Business Development

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As our Head of Business Development, you’ll develop strategic relationships with business leaders who can help founders accelerate the growth of their companies.

One of the most critical ways to rapidly accelerate a startup’s pace of growth is through access to customers––people who can give you early feedback to help validate that you’re solving for real customer pain, people who can shape your product direction, and people who can help you center on the right go-to-market strategy. If you’re lucky, one day the same people may turn into your first customers. As our Head of Business Development, you’ll build strategic relationships with key business leaders, opening the door to prospective customers and advisors for our portfolio companies.

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Who You Are:

Your Responsibilities:

How to Apply:

Our process starts with having candidates answer two questions by recording videos, as well as submitting two short written pieces. Apply here.

Here are the questions:

  1. Video 1: Why are you interested in the Head of Business Development role? [30 seconds]
  2. Video 2: Tell us about a meaningful connection you made between two people and how you were helpful?[60 seconds]
  3. Written 1: An email asking for a meeting with someone from the Boston tech community who you are interested in getting to know.
  4. Written 2: Choose a company in our Pillar portfolio and recommend a specific connection you think could add the most value to the business. Describe why. [750 words max]