Campfire Conversations

Sample Topics

  • How to Talk About Money with Your Kids

  • Making Halftime Adjustments: Reflections on Life at “Middle Age”

  • Meditation for Busy Founders & Leaders

  • High Risk/High Reward: What Have You Tested or Tried That Was Really Scary & Why?

  • The Role of Creative Pursuits in Shaping Better and Balanced Leaders

  • Finding the Meaning of Life: Defining the Priorities You Have for Yourself and Living Into Them

  • Dangerous Mood: Why Reading Fiction Makes You A Better Boss, A Better Investor, A Better Person (& Sexier, Too)

  • How to Build a Company and Not Get Divorced

  • The Path to Becoming a Better Leader & Manager

  • How to Balance Work and Life as a New Parent (All Advice Welcome!)