Campfire Conversations

Tuesday 11 AM

1) Raising Successful, Happy Children (While starting and running a business)

Rushika Fernandopulle / The Lawn

2) Good or Evil, Friend or Foe: Are the world’s biggest, most transformative technology trends net positives or net negatives for humanity?

Dave Husak / Copper Grouse Fire Pit

3) The Happiness Quotient: Supporting your team to pursue their best life

Meghan Pichette & David Hughson / Terrace

4) It’s a Marathon, AND a Sprint: How to take care of yourself mentally and physically to sustain high performance at work

Yvonne Hao / The Front Porch

5) What I Learned, Changed, or Wrestled With About Myself in the Pandemic

Deborah Poole / Terrace

Tuesday 1 PM

1) What is the Point of Money, Anyway? Spending money on what matters most to you

Joe Chase / The Lawn

2) The World is Burning: How are companies thinking about climate?

Ray Bigelow & Bridget Kenneally / Copper Grouse Fire Pit

3) The Hats We Wear: We are all leaders, friends, parents. But who are you really? What is behind the mask that you show to the rest of the world?

Meredith Mahoney / Terrace

4) The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received 

Colin Raney / The Front Porch

5) Refilling Your Cup With Creativity: How people draw inspiration from creative pursuits

Corey Thomas / Terrace

Tuesday 2 PM

1) Navigating A Midlife Crisis: Redefining your mission & purpose

Sarah Hodges / The Lawn

2) Obsession: It’s Sometimes Good & Sometimes Bad. How do we modulate it when it’s too much? How do we simulate it in a healthy way for curious people?

Anne Kim / Copper Grouse Fire Pit

3) Managing Spoons: Thriving through physical and mental health challenges

Erin McFarlane / Terrace

4) “You’re the Average of the Five People you Spend the Most Time With”: Surrounding yourself with the best people in hiring and building a company

Steve Conine / The Front Porch

5) Oversharing or Guarded? Trust style differences and what they mean in team and family dynamics

Sarah McCrary / Terrace


Wednesday 9 AM

1) SciFi Philosophy: Should we teleport people & more

Chris Swenor / Copper Grouse Fire Pit

2) How Do We Lead and Learn Simultaneously? None of us “know it all.” How do we learn, while leading others?

Kelly Riedel / Terrace