Campfire Conversations

Tuesday, September 20th


  1. For Better or for Worse: Staying married (or not) while starting and growing a company
    Rushika Fernandopulle / Trillium C

  2. Equity: What does it mean to each of us, and how does it play out in our life and work?
    Sandra Appiah / Terrace

  3. Ego, Vulnerability & Leadership
    Thomas De Vlaam & Subaita Rahman / Terrace

  4. Life Hacks: Gadgets & Productivity Tools
    Ray Bigelow & Bridget Kenneally / Library

  5. The Need for Speed: Life Lessons from Top Gun Maverick
    Yvonne Hao / Lobby


  1. Selfish or Self Care: Creating boundaries with kids
    Chris Gorcyza / Trillium C

  2. Should companies be political?
    Becca Van Nederynen / Terrace

  3. Managing Your Sanity: Running, cooking, meditation, and the tools we all have to keep going.
    Andrew Lau / Terrace

  4. Best Personal Financial Hacks
    Carolyn Decker & Shawn Valliere / Library

  5. Leadership Lessons from Bravo TV
    Katie Burke & Sarah Hodges / Lobby


    1. Living Life on Your Own Terms
      Christina Luconi / Trillium C

    2. Philanthropy & Communicating the Importance of Giving Back to Your Kids.
      Mike Massaro / Terrace

    3. Recovering from Failures
      Mike Volpe / Terrace

    4. How Music Shapes Us and Impacts Our Lives
      Michael Hagan / Library

    5. “Anything is true at a certain level of abstraction”: In your life, where have you found that to be the case and how have you navigated it?

Cory Munchbach / Lobby

Wednesday, September 21st


  1. “Good v. Evil: As a group of influential technology and business leaders, what actions and trade-offs are we going to make to reverse the course of political, economic, and social polarization?
    Dave Husak / Terrace