Exchange AI


Sept. 18-20, 2023

Manchester, Vermont

The Exchange AI, hosted by Pillar, brings together 100 leaders thinking about and building in AI for a relaxing two-day mountain retreat.

Explore the frontiers of AI through small group conversations about the evolution of technology and how we harness its power for good.

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truly, what other theme could this year have?

Wake up to mountain biking, morning yoga, and meditation. Unwind with cocktail classes, hiking, and beekeeping.

Dig into meaningful conversations about the future of AI, leadership, and mindfulness.

Listen, learn, and dive deep with a community of peers.

Two days away from the office won’t kill you.

In fact, you’ll probably come back with your mind buzzing, inspired, and fired up to lead your team.

Invite only

good people.

Join our team, Portfolio Founders, experienced CEOs and a group of 100 accomplished practitioners, leaders, university researchers and interesting humans.

Invite only

campfire convos.

Campfire Sessions are the heart and soul of The Exchange.

Join AI leaders for small-group, curated discussions on philosophy, ethics, and the future of AI.

unique activities.

Take a break from the digital world and dive into the physical.

Sign up for your favorites including a land rover driving experience, ropes course, beekeeping, horseback riding and more.


never felt so


Flyfishing class

Birds of prey meet and greet

Glass blowing class

Oh. and the hotel isn't bad