Head of Ecosystem

Early-stage investing is all about people. What sounds like a promising idea on Day 0 could look totally different on Day 365. Startups are full of twists and turns; it’s all about finding a team of people who have the capacity to blow through walls and navigate change. As our Head of Ecosystem, you’ll help Pillar identify promising future-founders and senior leaders interested in building and joining the next generation of pillar companies in Boston.

Head of Business Development

One of the most critical ways to rapidly accelerate a startup’s pace of growth is through access to customers––people who can give you early feedback to help validate that you’re solving for real customer pain, people who can shape your product direction, and people who can help you center on the right go-to-market strategy. If you’re lucky, one day the same people may turn into your first customers. As our Head of Business Development, you’ll build strategic relationships with key business leaders, opening the door to prospective customers and advisors for our portfolio companies.

Principal Investor

When you join Pillar as our new Principal, you’ll help us connect with first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs building the next generation of pillar companies in Boston. Whether you’re passionate about synthetic biology, enterprise SaaS, consumer, blockchain, FinTech or another emerging space, you’ll bring a fresh perspective, sharing your ideas and expertise with our team and our portfolio companies. This is a full-time role in our Boston office beginning in 2019.