Biotech Co-op

Subaita Rahman

Subaita Rahman is a biotech-focused co-op joining Pillar for her gap year at the University of Toronto.

Previously, she co-founded BioDojo, a global biotech platform & talent hub enabling undergraduates to contribute to the biotech industry through tailored education, tight knit communities, and capital. She also co-founded the DojoHouse, a fully funded physical house for members of the Dojo to live together in Boston and build biotech projects, attend workshops and events.

She’s working on completing her HBSc at the University of Toronto and is taking a gap year as an Emergent Ventures fellow. She’s had 3 years of experience as a tissue and cell engineer at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and helped grow and develop communications/community building strategies for Front Row Ventures, U of T’s Entrepreneurship & Ochre Bio.