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How To: Write Board Updates

A healthy sense of alignment starts with open communication — getting on the same page with your Board of Directors.

How To: Choose a CEO Coach

No matter how experienced you are in your career, a strong coach can be a game changer for every executive.

How To: Diversity & Inclusion for Lost and Confused Startups

We don’t need to tell you why building a diverse and inclusive company benefit is good business and leads to better financial performance – now it’s time to build a game plan.

Anti-Racism Guide for Founders

This guide is intended as a resource to help support founders as you consider how to create an anti-racist culture in your companies, backed by open discussion and action. This guide is in no way comprehensive, rather, it reflects just a few of the resources our own team has found helpful.

How to Find a Co-Founder or Early Startup Team Member

Looking to find your co-founder or hire your early team?

How to: Choose a Startup Lawyer

For many first-time founders, hiring a lawyer might seem like a necessary evil to navigating financings. The reality is that when you choose right, your lawyer is a true partner, helping you navigate unforeseen challenges.

How To: Invest in Your Mental Health

Being a Founder and CEO can feel lonely. Make sure to take time for yourself when you need it, and invest in your mental health.

How To: Build a Personal Board of Advisors

The right group of advisors will provide you with guidance, advice, coaching, and emotional support during your founder journey.

How To: Use Communication to Manage Change

Leading a company is marked by constant change. As a leader, you have an opportunity to create clarity and alignment through purposeful and consistent communication.

How To: Strategic Planning

Every founder needs a simple framework for prioritization to help you create clarity and stay aligned with your team.

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