Katie Mulligan

Senior Associate at Pillar VC


Lessons Learned After 5 Years of Buying Common Stock in Startups

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What to Expect When You’re Spinning Out a Deep Tech

We’ve collected our lessons learned and created a step-by-step timeline for spinning out university tech. If you are at an academic lab, this will help you know what to expect when you spin out your deep tech.

How to: Build an Engineering SaaS Stack

So, you have a business idea. Before you can start writing any code, you’ll first need to figure out what software tools and programming languages you’ll use to power your business.

2019 US Micro-VC Firms

Samir Kaji from First Republic created an Airtable of over 900 micro-VCs (funds less than $100M) across the country.

Women Angel Investors in the US

Lolita Taub pulled together an Airtable of 500+ women angel investors in the US.

10 Nuggets of Advice for Early Stage Founders

It’s not easy to make time to seek those people out when you’re a busy founder. We spun up the Founder Playlist to solve this challenge, meeting CEOs where they are with short, simple, concrete audio clips with advice from founders of some of the companies we most admire, CEOs like Brian Halligan (HubSpot), Corey Thomas (Rapid7) and Gail Goodman (Constant Contact).

How To: User Interviews

Just like laundry day, it’s all too easy to push off these crucial conversations with customers, leaning on assumption and gut instinct…until you find yourself down to your last pair of socks.

SaaS Tools for Startups

Blissfully created a wonderful guide to help you better understand the most commonly used tools in today’s startup SaaS stack.


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