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As our new Principal, you’ll help us support unstoppable founders working on building the next generation of pillar companies.

When you join Pillar as our new Principal, you’ll help us connect with first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs building the next generation of pillar companies in Boston. Whether you’re passionate about synthetic biology, enterprise SaaS, consumer, blockchain, FinTech or another emerging space, you’ll bring a fresh perspective, sharing your ideas and expertise with our team and our portfolio companies. This is a full-time role in our Boston office beginning in 2019.

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Who You Are:

Your Responsibilities:

How to Apply:

Our process starts with having candidates answer two questions by recording videos, as well as submitting two short written pieces. Apply here.

Here are the questions:

  1. Video 1: Why are you interested in the Investor role? [30 seconds]
  2. Video 2: What is something you are an expert in and how did you become an expert? [60 seconds]
  3. Written 1: An email asking for a meeting with the founder of a startup you admire.
  4. Written 2: An argument for a space or a changing market dynamic that will create a unique opportunity for innovation. [750 words max]