How To: Build a Personal Board of Advisors

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What separates good companies from great companies, mediocre leaders from exceptional leaders?

Every successful leader I’ve encountered has a community of support from mentors, strategic advisors, and advocates who are personally invested in their growth.

You’re On CEO Island — Get Off As Fast As You Can

A lonely Tom Hanks and his buddy, Wilson, in the movie Castaway. (via OffRoadVegan)

Your Board of Advisors is Your Life Raft

Mentors, Sponsors and Coaches

The Hard Part — Finding the Right People

How to Find A Sponsor

Find a Coach (Strategic Advisor)

How to Find a Mentor

True story — Mr. Miyage refused to mentor Daniel in Karate Kid when they first met (via Valley Relics Museum)

Identify Each Individual’s Motivation

Before you formalize your relationships with your advisors, make sure you’re clear on how YOU can deliver value.

Create Structure to Create Value

Align on Clear Expectations

Keep Pumping Air Into Your Raft to Stay Afloat